In mid-June, Vinnytsia region presented the products of key enterprises of the region in Uzbekistan. Positioning Vinnytsia region as a region of new opportunities, special attention on the part of our country is paid to the agro-industrial sphere and the expansion of its export potential.

The climate in Central Asia is very favorable for growing hemp and cotton. Of the basic agricultural plants, Uzbekistan, for example, traditionally cultivates wheat, barley, rice, etc. In second place after the export of cotton, are sweet watermelons. To improve the country’s food security, the government has supported poultry and livestock for the past few years. Of the vegetables exported mainly onions, cabbage and garlic.

Uzbekistan’s agriculture employs about 27% of the workforce. And this is the best promising industry sector for a sweet country. However, the introduction of new technologies and further development of processing and packaging capabilities is currently lacking. Local farmers have aggressive plans to penetrate export markets, but do not always have time to implement them. Ukraine is interested in open-air products, especially vegetables.

In 2021, carrots in Uzbekistan have almost doubled in price. Such growth rates in prices are due to weather conditions, which provoked the late maturation, as well as the volume of exports to neighbors, which created a domestic deficit in the country. Well, the carrots themselves are different in taste and properties, adapted to local agri-environmental conditions. Therefore, this year we have the most favorable times for the Great Carrot Way from Ukraine! And, if this is most likely an exception, Organic-D plans to use it fully.

Author: Юлия Черник