• Organic-D mission is to grow natural vegetables for healthy life and improve standards of vegetable market


  • We grow high quality vegetables for natural life style. We transform the food industry into a healthy, transparent and sustainable socially-responsible business.

The main goal

  • The main goal is to maximize revenue of the company, to provide stable progress and further leadership in the Central and Western Ukraine.

Strategic goals

The company position

  • Рresence position enhancing on the Ukrainian market
  • Widening the vegetable product line of carrots, beets, onions, cabbages
  • Quality and quantity distribution development in the Central and Western  part of the country


  • Sewing areas enlarging with the use of fertigation up to 300 ha
  • Gradual increase of  the first class vegetable harvest  achieving productivity level  up to 100 ton per ha
  • Building new warehouse premises for 18 000  tons of produce


  • Vegetable start-up-brands launching particularly puree and juice
  • Other innovative healthy products  delivery
  • Organic fertilizer patent for the company’s own technology
  • Creation of the unique greenhouse complex with an area of 5 ha

Export orientation

  • Entering European and Asian markets
  • 10% share of vegetable export market occupying
  • Certifying product according to GLOBALG.A.P. and HACCP standards


  • Steady expenses operating
  • Cost price lowering due to the combination of animal and plant partner enterprises production
  • Additional investments for new projects