• Perfectly rounded onions
  • The root crop is golden brown
  • Late ripening
  • The bulb weight 120-250 g
  • Dry matter in pulp more than 12%


  • Fresh market
  • Processing
  • Long term storage


  • Round aligned onions
  • Dark brown husk
  • The bulb weight 120-250 g
  • Dry matter in pulp at the level of 14%


  • Fresh use
  • Processing
  • Long-term storage

The company Organic-D specializes in the cultivation of borsch set vegetables, including onions. Here you can buy several varieties of onions, which gives a great taste to any dish.

The peculiarity of the root is the usage of biological, specially processed fertilizer. This allows you to get a product that is excellent in composition. And storage with careful control of humidity level, ozonation and ventilation prolongs the life of beneficial trace microelements and vitamins. Vegetables are fresh and tasty on the table.