• White cabbage  with a high density
  • Round shape plant
  • Leaf color green
  • The head weight 2.5-4 kg


  • Fresh market
  • Processing
  • Long-term storage


  • White cabbage with rounded dense heads
  • Wonderful taste
  • Late ripening
  • The head weight 3.5-5 kg


  • Fresh market
  • Suitable for transportation
  • Long-term storage

The company “Organic-D” specializes in the production of borscht set vegetables. And what a borsch without cabbage!

We offer several varieties of white cabbage for cooking soups and any other dishes. All vegetables are grown on natural organic fertilizer. Thanks to a special processing technology, it is rich in nutrients, but spared from harmful microorganisms. This allows you to grow delicious vegetables rich in vitamins on fertilized soil. And storage with careful observance of humidity, ozonation and ventilation norms will make sure that the cabbage gets to the table to people fresh, crisp and mellow.