Glad to share the good news!

This year planting season is at the starting line. And we are still selling the juicy carrots 2019 that are perfectly stored in Organic-D’s refrigerated warehouse.

The PRO-VEGA line for calibration and pre-sale preparation of vegetables has now been purchased for convenient packaging by the agricultural farm. Designed for careful calibration of round and oblong root crops, a roller machine of a well-known brand has come in handy. The increase in labor productivity is 12 times compared to full manual packing.

PRO-VEGA 4-grade calibration line allows to pack the product carefully and in large volumes: potatoes and onions up to 6 tons per hour, carrots up to 3 tons per hour.

The working elements are rotary shafts with the possibility of adjusting the distance to which raw materials of a certain size are gotten. Sorted vegetables are ‘pushed’ to conveyors, which move the product into containers or to the next element of the line.

Organic-D next step is to complete the line with washing and polishing equipment.

In short, to the next season we are ready!


Author: Julia Chernik