Organic-D is glad to share such the important news.

The Global GAP certificate is a standard for the safety of products and their full growing cycle, beginning from  land and seeds.

We present an interview with  Vadym Krychkovsky, the director of the agricultural company Organic-D, where we will explain all the ‘what’ and ‘how’ about getting the certificate.

– Vadim, what Global G.A.P means to you personally and how you came to this standard?

– We are not the first and not the last who passed the standardization of Global G.A.P. This is a distinction of quality at all stages of growing products – confirmed, documented steps that allow you to work with any country. And, to put it very succinctly, it’s like a Bible for a producer.

Two years ago we didn’t consider about such certification. Everyone was wondering, what exactly is the standard of the work we need? To meet the requirements of intermediaries and customers (supermarkets), and bankers, and do not forget about environmental standards, and improve the internal management system. And we are talking not about ten standards of work to implement, but only about the one.

The standard of the European format was hinted at by our partners – the International Trade Center in Ukraine (ITC). At that time, we had already started working with them on export issues. On their own initiative within the project, ITC provided us with qualified assistance, for which we are especially grateful.

– How is this standard differ from others and what benefits does it promise?

– Global G.A.P guarantees the production of agricultural products that are safe for the final consumer. It confirms the company’s orientation in the direction of “food security”. It creates the production conditions that prevent or eliminate biological contamination of products. It allows you to enter international markets.

And the main consequence is an increase in customer confidence in our products and the company’s image as a whole.

– Vadim, can you tell us more about penetrating international markets? What do you mean?

– Primary products harvested from the fields and sold fresh are not taken by EU wholesale buyers without a Global G.A.P. certificate. Mainly there are berries, fruits and vegetables.  After the Free Trade Agreement with the EU came into force, Ukrainian farmers’ attempts to export have been faced to appropriate certification.

Now it is clear. Please, outline in a few words the difference between the Global G.A.P. from others.

– I would explain this as the  perfect exercise of the production system regardless of the work of management, changes in technologists or agronomists, etc. Global G.A.P. gives us the opportunity to track the entire production line from seed planting to vegetable on a trade shelf, responsible for process safety.

An implemented quality system is a language of communication with a partner and a customer anywhere in the world.

Author: Julia Chernik