Economic problems, socio-political uncertainty, fluctuations in world markets are agri-food everyday life. In addition, they are exacerbated by the cyclical nature of the seasons in agriculture. Referring to, we highlight, in our opinion, the main issues that will be addressed in 2021 by specialized organizations in Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian Agrarian Rada

Opening the land market is one of the biggest challenges of 2021. To adopt the reform, it is necessary to adopt a number of regulations. Also, it is necessary to carry out methods for de-shadowing the agricultural sector. In Ukraine it is planned to set a tax burden on 1 hectare, because according to various estimates, from 11 to 15 million hectares are cultivated illegally.

Union of Poultry Farmers of Ukraine

Preservation of export indicators and entry into reference sales of products on the domestic market are the main challenges of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Ukraine in 2021. Whether producers will be able to guarantee affordable prices for poultry meat will also be known in 2021. The industry, among other things, suffered significantly from bird flu last year.

Ukrainian Grain Association

The association sees the coming year as the best period for investment in development. They also consider it necessary to bring the standards of Ukrainian producers closer to EU standards, to create conditions for the design and construction of new high-quality irrigation systems.

The primary task for the agricultural sector is the introduction of agricultural insurance in case of crop losses due to various natural disasters.

The grain industry remains the most popular abroad and also profitable for Ukrainians. Farmers promise increased demand for all goods, including our grain, although record yields are not expected.

Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business

The Agrarian Business Club dreams of improving the country’s business climate. In their professional activities, they plan to gain access to more effective PPPs, address irrigation and agricultural lending, and form clear projected parameters for bilateral trade with the EU.

The association notes that 2021 will be as difficult a year for farmers as 2020.


In 2021, sugar companies try to bring the industry out of a protracted crisis.

The tendency to reduce sown areas may continue, but the industry plans to increase the rate of sugar production and restore export potential.

Ukrainian Berry Association

The Ukrainian Berry Association will continue the EFCO project from the USAID AGRO Project. Thanks to this opportunity, berries will develop production in the fruit and vegetable sector. The program is in the active phase until the end of September 2021.

The industry is also consolidating its efforts in the markets of China, Australia and Indonesia. Work is underway on interstate export agreements and the interests of Ukrainian companies are being protected.

Author: Юлия Черник