At the start of planting season, agricultural companies were in quarantine status. Organic-D CEO Vadim Krichkovsky told how the life of the enterprise has changed over this period.

 ‘The planting season 2020 has already become special for us. But not because of the pandemic outbreak, but in connection with the circumstances of perhaps the most snowless winter in the last two hundred years. Few people recall such a drought in April. And it’s exactly the factor that has activated the new methods of the industry. Unfortunately, we do not have the technique of online planting or virtual irrigation))). In our work, everything is based on the experience and manual labor. Today, Organic-D is glad to have watering practice and, since last year, has been growing vegetable crops on drip irrigation. We are also happy with our own equipment, because rents during quarantine can also be disrupted.’

In the fall of 2020, Organic-D plans to top up vegetables ‘borsch’ for Vinnitsya with carrots, potatoes, beets and onions. And until then, the field work has not been canceled. We cultivated the soil and sowed in the midst of the epidemic. And now the planting continues.

 ‘An important task was to organize personal protection in a pandemic and to implement preventive measures against possible infection of workers’, Vadim Krichkovsky notes.  In such an environment, working in Organic-D refrigerated warehouse was in full swing. Nobody wants to lose contracts!

And the most unpleasant moments in Organic-D are, of course, the worries about their own health and the health of the employee’s families, as well as the lack of transport on the Vinnitsa-Gnivan-Sutiski route.

The quarantine showed that even successfully running business on the domestic market of the country, farmers are significantly dependent on each other and lose money during the emergency regime.

And we are sure that mutual support is above all!