Organic-D was founded in 2017.

From the very beginning the main goal of the company is to grow high-quality vegetables for people, as for itself. As the saying goes, we are what we eat. Therefore, we only want to eat healthy vegetables!

Organic-D agronomists have created a unique technology for growing vegetables, thanks to which it is possible to combine the use of organic and mineral types of fertilizers. Organic-D receives organic fertilizer Effluent from the waste of a pig complex by anaerobic digestion.

How does it work? Let’s explain. For example, beets.

Organic-D beets, thanks to organic fertilizer, receives all the elements of mineral nutrition. The application of the Effluent fertilizer for two years is capable of meeting the need of beets by 60%, taking into account the soil and climatic conditions and the physiology of the crop.

Beetroot does not consume nutrients evenly during the growing season. In the initial period of growth – relatively small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. For the rapid development of plants in the early phases of growth, Organic-D beets must be provided with sufficient available phosphorus. During the active growth of beet leaves, nitrogen consumption increases significantly. Fertilizer Effluent promotes the mineral fertilizers assimilation, saturates the soil with oxygen and enhances the absorption of nutrients by the crop.

Together with the use of drip irrigation systems, as well as constant laboratory support, the technology of growing beets has already yielded tangible positive results. This includes a sugar content increase of the root vegetable and  the beet root enhance in size.

Vegetable farming Organic-D grows beets of two varieties.

Beetroot Cardial from Organic-D is a medium late sweet variety with a uniform root crop. There are no rings on the root crop. The diameter of the beet fruit reaches 10-12 cm, and the sugar content is up to 15%.

Kestrel beetroot from Organic-D is also a mid-late sweet variety without rings. The color of the root crop is intense burgundy. The diameter of the beet fruit reaches 12 cm, the sugar content is up to 16%.

Beetroot Organic-D is waiting for its customers 10 months a year. You can estimate the ideal storage conditions in our refrigerated warehouse at the address:

st. Zhovtneva 118, smt. Sutiski, Vinnytsia region

Автор: Юлия Черник