On the shelves of many foreign supermarkets, you can often find the familiar from our childhood jars with the inscription Vinnytskyi Horseradish with red beet.

This product is produced by Vinnytsia Food & Gustatory Factory and exported to almost all EU countries. The recipe has an old history and is part of Ukrainian national cuisine. Without this sauce, it is hard to imagine traditional Christmas and Easter tables.

Among the meat variety, a product made in Vinnytsia is always desirable and fitting. Horseradish is gaining more and more fans in the world and is becoming an international trend.

Organic-D joined its creation with its modern views on the cultivation of ‘Ukrainian borscht’ vegetables. In particular, experimentally growing horseradish for Vinnytsia Food & Gustatory Factory. This project is almost two years old.

The plant needs care. Regular watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds – this is what the company worked on to make you taste the horseradish we grew in one of our jars of sauce.

Horseradish can vigorously grow and suppress other plants in the area, so it becomes necessary to prune it in time and limit its planting. It can grow on one land for ten years or more.

In agriculture, horseradish is usually grown in small quantities but now is increasingly seen as an interesting idea for a business. If an ordinary gardener gets to propagate horseradish uncontrollably, it will become an eternal problem for him, despite the enormous harvest. 

The Organic-D experiment on horseradish cultivation has prospects. It’s facilitated by four years of experience in growing the “Ukrainian borscht” vegetables on natural organic fertilizer and storing them in a modern refrigeration complex for vegetables.

The company has a plot of land with selective planting of horseradish. “It is a kind of bank for generating future quality crops,” said the company’s director, Vadym Krychkovsky.