We are what we eat. It is known that there is a close relationship between a person’s well-being and what he consumes. Features of nutrition affect a person’s mood, mobility, well-being and ability to work. One way or another, an excess of some products such as sugar, salt, coffee, smoked meats and kind of fast food lead to fatigue and lethargy, dysfunction, allergic symptoms and even an unpleasant dependence on the definite products themselves.

At Organic-D we claim to have invented a good mood potion. And we call it vegetable therapy.

“From time to time,” says the company’s CEO VadymKrychkovsky, “my subordinates receive so-called vegetable rations. The frequency of it and components depend on the season. First it’s corn, then beets and onions, peppers and tomatoes. Colleagues say that with such packages you come back home not tired and in a good mood. ”

Serotonin from vegetables may not evaporate like chocolate, but the color variety provides vivid emotions!

People are returning to their roots and rational consumption. Therefore, the “vegetable roots” of Organic-D are in demand asnever before. So on the sowing period we start field works in a good mood to make our vegetables even more tasty to people.

Автор материала: Юлия Черник